A sound track for three hours of your life

Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston Present "A Love From Outer Space".

Stonking mix.

He's got more sense than many

Another Stevie Wonder re-vision from The Reflex. This one can be acquired for one's personal FLACing pleasure, just mouse down on that 'Buy' link.

Say Kids What Time Is It?

Coldcut's first single was released 25 years ago and to celebrate they're giving it away.

Imaginary Stars in Dusty Urban Warehouses

Leftside Wobble's Acid Soul mixes are my cup of tea. Fully expect to hear this original track from Mr Wobble in his next mix.

"A warm deep groove to lose yourself within whilst dancing under imaginary stars in dusty urban warehouses."

Warm City Nights (Forthcoming Release) by Leftside Wobble

The Bus Uphill

This short clip from All.I.Can by Dave Mossop & Eric Crosland is beautifully shot, sublimely synchronised footage of some completely out of bounds skiing.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

The film can be purchased or rented in HD or SD versions from iTunes, and it would appear to be internationally licensed if I can obtain it here in New Zealand.

NZ$8.99 to purchase the HD version, complete bargain.

Police on my back

From 1967 the original by The Equals, later covered by the Clash in 1980 on their triple album Sandinista!

Guitarist Eddy Grant later went solo, perhaps best remembered for the electro-funk-reggae fusion single Electric Avenue.

Killer Stevie Wonder re-vision {from some stems}

Stevie Wonder-Higher Ground-The Reflex Stems Re-Vision by The Reflex


Stay+ featuring Psychologist - Dandelion by RAMP / PTN

One hundred 12"s of this track will be pressed, pre-order one.

From the village we call Aucks

Thoughtful if somewhat melancholy beats from @Peace and some crispy crunch visuals for Street Chant's 'Stoned Again' from Andy Moore and Stu Page.

@Peace is available for your immediate pleasure, paying whatever you feel is fair, go on click that dl button, you will not regret it.

Street Chant's album can be found at the iTunes.

Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary: With additional material from A Thesaurus of Old English

Why be content with availing yourself with today’s synonyms when you can reach into this treasure to employ a tasty historical adjective and rescue it from obsoletion.

The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary has been described by New Yorker as “the ultimate volume for the word-fetishist.”

It is a collection of all words in the Oxford English Dictionary, plus additional historical words, organised semantically. It has taken over forty years to produce the first edition and it was nearly lost, destroyed by fire in 1978.

The thesaurus eschews Roget's categorisation for its own ordering. Divided into three parts - the external, mental and social worlds, it has 354 major categories and more than 236,000 subcategories.

A sample page (PDF) demonstates the categorisation.

Listen to an MP3 of editor Christian Kay talk about the project.

Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Those with access to the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary should start bugging their librarians to subscribe to the forthcoming online edition of the thesaurus.

For those, like myself unable to justify the expense of a copy, I recommend searching the catalogue of your local library, and again fervently suggesting it orders ...